Play for the name on the front of your Jersey, Not the name on the Back!!



     The Avalanche girl’s softball association tournament team was started up by James Ruff in the spring of 2009. The Avalanche program shall be open to any age eligible girl from the central PA area. The purpose of the Avalanche tournament teams program is to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the girls to play softball at the next level in a competitive atmosphere; give the opportunity to develop self-confidence, leadership skills and self-respect through the game of softball; to promote good sportsmanship for all involved; to help girls learn to succeed as a team through respect of coaches, players and other participants, and to develop a love for the game of softball to the high school level and beyond.  The Avalanche organization also has the best coaching staff in the area.

     If you would like more information regarding our organization; please contact us. (Contact Info)





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